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Embedded systems

We stand apart, because our tailored solutions link directly to our clients' business objectives.

Prism has extensive experience with the full life cycle development of embedded software, especially for telecommunications products. Prism’s areas of expertise include device drivers, BSP protocols, protocol implementations and network management instrumentation. Applications include WDM, SONET, VSAT, test tools, microwave radio systems, satellite hubs, modems, and ATM switches.

Prism has extensive experience in developing drivers for all flavors of Windows and Linux operating systems. We have developed WDM compliant drivers using NDIS 5 and WMI for Windows storage drivers and protocol drivers. Our expertise includes developing low-level device drivers for most chipset families, including the IXP1200, MPC8xx, 683xx, Z16c32 and the 8530 family. Prism is conversant with various CPU families including the PowerPC, 68K, x86 and i960. We have also worked with specialized silicon, such as the EXACT PM3370/3380 from PMC-Sierra (Gigabit Ethernet), MPC106, PLX90x0 and Galileo chipsets.

Prism is very well versed with popular kernels, including VxWorks, VxWorks AE, pSOSystem, SNMP, TMS, ATM, MPLS, X25, TCP/IP, RapidControl, STREAMS and RMON. Prism participated in the partner program with WindRiver, Inc.

Prism has developed many protocol implementations from scratch, as well as, ported them, including those in the TCP/IP family, X25, SS7 and 802.1d. A particular area of our expertise is the implementation of SNMP agents. We are experts with Epilogue's Envoy and Emanate from SNMP Research.

Some of our applications include WDM terminals, SONET OCx, VSATs, satellite hubs, custom test tools for mobile networks, microwave radio equipment and modems.
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