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Engagement models

Prism offers different engagement models for projects for our customer’s based on their special requirements.

Prism offers different engagement models for projects for our Customer’s based on their special requirements for project execution such as resource availability, infrastructure investment and overall project cost. Prism offers the following engagement models:

On-Site (at Customer’s site)
Our well-qualified engineering teams can provide on-site consultation and development at very attractive prices. We can also offer a cost effective mixed solution. For example, we can execute specific phases of the project life cycle on-site, such as requirements gathering, testing and verification, and perform all the design and development work in-house.

In-House (at Prism’s site)
We have well-established development facilities in Columbia, Maryland, USA. Our in-house options provide the most cost-effective solutions. We have executed several large projects in-house, including network management systems for microwave radio stations, satellite based mobile terminal network, and weather data collection network.

Integrated Software Outsourcing
For most manufacturing and service companies, their core business is to design and develop products and provide services to meet their market and customer requirements. Software development is a necessary evil, a key differentiator, but can easily get out of control. ‘Just-in-time’ outsourcing significantly reduces software development costs. Prism offers the best service model per customer’s preference under our ‘just-in-time’ approach:

· Location options (On-site, In-house, OR Off-shore) Rates – Off-shore (best), In-house (better), On-site (good) Controlled Transition – On-site TO In-house TO Off-shore as and when the customer feels comfortable
· Begin with pilot project and extend as both sides gain confidence
· Shared OR dedicated teams and facilities are available

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