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Network management

We stand apart, because our tailored solutions link directly to our clients' business objectives.

Prism has developed significant Element and Network Management systems using popular framework products such as OpenView, and Unicenter. Prism is HP Solutions’ partner for OpenView for Windows NT. Prism developed TMN manager applications using toolkits from DSET and Vertel. We have significant experience with high availability systems, including MS cluster. Our solution components include Configuration, Fault, Performance and Billing.

Recently, Prism designed, developed, and implemented the next generation of mission critical management server and operator interfaces for HP’s mobile data network based on Windows NT 4.0 Cluster [MSCS] and Oracle Parallel Server on an IBM Netfinity machine. Enhancements for call processing, application interfaces (TCP/IP), end-to-end system performance and billing system were also provided. Code was developed with MFC under MSVC 6.0. Components included DCOM, OLE, and ODBC. The project was an 18-month full-life cycle development effort, and the final system was deployed with high availability.

Our expertise also includes SNMP manager platforms, including OpenView, Unicenter, Sun Solstice and SNMPc.
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