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We work with our customers over the full lifecycle from the Problem Definition to Solution Delivery to Maintenance and Support.

The following is a list of our selected projects. Please click on project titles for full description.
Client Title Service provided
Department of Commerce/NOAA/NWS Weather data acquisition network Prism’s services include systems analysis, engineering design, software development, including, embedded systems and windows internals, product customization and enhancements, maintenance and installation support.
  ASOS software maintenance training Training services
  ASOS intranet connectivity Requirements analysis and Prototype development.
  Implementation of dew-point sensor Systems integration.
 National Weather Service (NWS, a division of NOAA) ASOS Intranet Connectivity and Near Real-time Weather Data Acquisition  
Embedded systems    
Ciena DWDM product family Development of Embedded software
Megisto Systems Wireless packet gateway network Porting and development of Device Drivers, testing and integration.
SBS Technologies WAN adapter driver Development of Device Driver
Network Management    
Adaptive Broadband™, Inc Wireless radio configurator Network solutions
NorcomeNetworks (now, Wireless Matrix) Wireless data management system Development of portions of hub, including the base station components for terrestrial and satellite interface, mobility management, channel control, etc.
Lightel Systems Lightweight network management framework Network management solution complementing commercial NMS products. Prototype development, design and testing.
Data Acquisition    
L3-EER Integrated base defense system -
Device Drivers    
LightelNet Fiber to the desktop networking solution -
CyberNIC™ Miniport driver Specifications and device driver development
Megisto Systems Wireless packet gateway network Storage driver implementation
SBS Technologies WAN adapter driver Implementation of device driver for the wanic520 Wireless Adapter and integration with synchronous PPP module of RedHat Linux O/S.
Department of Commerce/NOAA/NWS Re-hosting ASOS-ACU software from motorola 68010 to power pc Implementation of device driver, modifying hardware dependent modules, removal of latent defects, and addition of new functionalities.
Architecture Solutions    
Lightel Storage network solution Analysis, development and testing.
Case studies    
NorcomeNetworks (now, Wireless Matrix) MS Word document Network management system for mobile data system (97KB) Network management solution, including Configuration, Fault, Performance, Security and Account management.
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